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events triggered by duration of illumination    
Bjoern Balcke, born 1969, is a Berlin-based artist. His work combines photography, computer graphics, light and multimedia installations.
His professional background includes work as a communication electronics technician and many years of work as a gaffer/lighting technician for German and international movie productions and commercials.

photoperiodism is a technical term in botanics and refers to events triggered by duration of illumination and light/dark cycles.

His works apply this concepts to humans, their ways of seeing and visual experience. They engage with light and illumination as the basis of all visual design and perception, and they investigate how images emerge as complex interferences of light, its waves and particles, its reflection against objects and the human processing and interpretation of sensual triggers.

All of his work is realized through Free Software (Gimp, Inkscape, ImageMagick etc.), on a Free Operating System (Linux- Debian).

www.photoperiodism.com is his working directory as work-in-progress. [more]
bjoern balcke

[pre-assembled by bjoern balcke]