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events triggered by duration of illumination    
The U.S. ministry of defense is planning a networked high tech army of the future. Based on a "perfect" network, the "Future Force" sounds like science fiction, but is a real, costly project.
A "Battle Command" station (BC) will compute information gathered by single modules (Intelligence, Reconaissance, Surveillance [ISR]) such as intelligence and surveillance drones, airplanes and satellites.
The "Future Combat System Network" (FCSN) will transmit data to single "Warfighters" and such "Units of Action" (UA) as partially unmanned vehicles and drones in order to control the battleground in a fast, flexible and efficient manner.

This information gets visualized in an abstract-technical manner known from computer games.
The U.S. army web site provides video demos for download which strikingly resemble futuristic action movies and computer games. Vice versa, the handling of the various unmanned "Units of Action" via joystick control emulates the computer games of today.

The images of the "./battlelab" series combine visual elements of various arcade console games with concepts and designs of the Future Combat System Network, data networks and surveillance. [back]


[pre-assembled by bjoern balcke]